Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation D/B/A Metra
Project Name:
Voice & Scrolling Signage
15 Chicago metropolitan area locations, IL
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion Date:
June 2015 - June 2016
Project Scope:

The scope of work for this project involved the installation of the Voice of Metra (VOM) cabinets, as well as the Visual Information Systems (VIS) poles at locations along the Union Pacific (North, Northwest, and West) lines, as well as along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe commuter train lines.


The VOM steel cabinets—approximately five feet tall, four feet wide, and two feet deep—were installed. The 12-foot-tall galvanized steel poles were also set upon cast-in-place foundations, with wiring run to provide power to each.

Installation sites varied widely among the locations. To cast the foundations, run the conduit, and place the junction boxes, coring and trenching was done through grass, asphalt, pavers, and concrete, depending on the logistics of each site.

Project Dollar Value:
Prime Contractor/Subcontractor:
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