Illinois Sports Facilities Authority (ISF)
Project Name:
U.S. Cellular Field Parking Lot Lighting Lot G
Chicago, IL
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion Date:
October 2014 - March 2015
Project Scope:

1_US_Cellular_Lot_G06102016001This project involved a great deal more than just electrical installation. Without as-built drawings to reference during construction, care had to be taken during selective demolition and excavation. Environmental hazards, including asbestos-containing materials and other special waste, had to be remedied and disposed during this phase. Reference drawings for sewer and electrical connections were created during this stage of the project.

The existing wooden poles and metal halide fixtures were replaced with LED lighting and stainless steel poles. The existing power poles were retained but the electrical panels were replaced. Both power and data connections were maintained throughout the project duration.

Lead times for poles extended up to a month in duration, so underground work was begun in the meantime. Three-foot tall cast-in-place concrete pedestal foundations were poured in compliance with all governing specifications, restrictions, and testing requirements. Backfill and refinishing of the asphalt surfaces was completed afterward.

Poles, fasteners, and accessories were fabricated offsite, with final on-site welding during installation monitored to assure that the units were plumb and square, that the desired durability and performance was delivered, and that all testing and inspections were passed.

Working around the White Sox off-season facility schedule was required, as was coordination with the adjacent rail lines and residences across 33rd Street and Normal Avenue.

Project Dollar Value:
Prime Contractor/Subcontractor:
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