Project Details

Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain- BEI Renovation Project 1995

City of Chicago
Project Name:
Thomas Jefferson Pumping Station Electrical & Control Improvements
Chicago, IL
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion Date:
January 2009 - November 2013
Project Scope:

JeffersonBroadway constructed a 10,000 sf addition to this existing facility to accommodate two new adjustable speed drives for Pumps 1 and 4. All four pumps were also refurbished, requiring modifications to the concrete foundation, power, controls, and instrumentation. It also included protective relays for the 4.16KV circuit feeding the pumps and two new 1750 HP Induction Motor for Pumps 1 and 4.

This addition included new 5KV medium voltage variable-speed drives, as well as electrical and mechanical controls. The BEI scope of this project scope also included concrete, masonry, steel, roofing, and architectural finishes. Replacement of the 5KV pump motors also included the PLCs, SCADA, HVAC, and BAS controls.

Project Dollar Value:
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