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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD)
Project Name:
MWRD Tarp Pump #8 Rehabilitation
Hodgkins, IL
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion Date:
2015 - date pending
Project Scope:

To begin this project, the team inspected and tested Main Sewage Pump 8 under operating conditions, benchmarking its performance to compare it with its function after project completion.

The first step was to remove and reinstall the discharge valve, disassembling the pump and motor to inspect its components and report recommendations for its reconditioning or reuse. After the plan was accepted, the parts in disrepair were replaced and the entire apparatus was thoroughly cleaned.

Overhauling the motor included tightening connections and replacing selected moving parts. Auxiliary pump and motor systems were rehabilitated and/or modified as required. The motor exciter subpanel was replaced, as well. The stator and field windings were cleaned and varnished, and new protective coatings were applied to the exterior.

Project Dollar Value:
Prime Contractor/Subcontractor: