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Cook County
Project Name:
Countywide Fire and Life Safety System Upgrade
multiple Cook County locations, IL
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion Date:
December 2015 - December 2016
Project Scope:

This projeExterior_Cook_County_Buildingct involved the installation of multiplex addressable Class II Fire Alarm Systems with High‐rise Voice Communication features at three sites—two county division headquarters and a district courthouse. To satisfy ADA Accessibility Guidelines and the Illinois Accessibility Code, the system integrates both visual and audio notification appliances, synchronized by circuit, floor, and area.

The main control panel is a multi‐processor based networked system that communicates with the closest fire department over the county IP network. Per city code and the IBC, each floor is separately zoned. The system is designed to be expanded without disruption of the system or panel configuration.

The fire command center console houses and displays the detection and communication system equipment. The desktop system printer records system activity details. Remote and graphic-type annunciators indicate activation of fire alarm devices (automatic detectors, water flow switches, manual pull stations) or supervisory alarm devices (sprinkler tampers or fire pump malfunctions). The system connects to and is programmed to work with the existing Edwards’ FireWorks workstation via Cook County ethernet network.

Network fire alarm control panels (FACPs) are digitally connected to the master FACP and provide addressable signaling line circuits, and notification appliance circuits. Each network control panel can support 2500 intelligent analog/addressable points, 10 intelligent addressable loops and network connections for up to 63 other control panels and annunciators, 10 network digital dialers, multiple RS-232 communication ports (and protocol), and up to 1740 chronological history events. The total network response will not exceed three seconds.

Intelligent photoelectric smoke and fixed temperature heat detectors were installed in all areas, including in the incarceration cells and in the ductwork. Manual fire alarm boxes have single‐action pull‐lever mechanisms with integral addressable modules arranged to communicate their status to the fire alarm control unit. Standby batteries assure system function in the event of power loss —24 hours standby and 15 minutes of alarm.

The life safety system provides fully integrated two‐way communications between the FACP and any of the firefighters’ telephone stations or jack telephones. The telephones include alphanumeric displays and controls for connecting and disconnecting remote telephones. When any permanently mounted fire fighters telephone is picked up, a call‐in signal is generated at the control panel, and the location of the remote call‐in shall be shown on the alphanumeric display. The voice communication system can handle eight simultaneous announcements/pages.

Each elevator car and enclosed stairway has a 4" cone speaker, connected to separate circuits and wired to supervised notification appliance circuits per area and floor. Strobes are similarly wired to supervised notification appliance circuit.

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