U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Project Name:
Building 215 UPS Upgrade at Hines VA Medical Center
Hines, IL
Start/Scheduled Date of Completion Date:
May 2011 - December 2012
Project Scope:

The majority of this project's scope involved replacing the two existing 750kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, and also ensuring that the new 50-ton air conditioning units would also continue to function during an emergency power outExterior_Building_215age.

The project began with the demolition of both the existing UPS units and the UPS battery room. Construction of a temporary UPS Room to house the rental equipment during construction was complete with a 750 kVA UPS, batteries, battery exhaust, supplemental unit, and monitoring.

After rebuilding the rooms, the team installed new UPS switchgear on the secondary side of the utility transformer, new concrete pads for all new equipment, and (1) new UPS Input switchgear within the UPS room. Space was left to accommodate a future third UPS, which would function as a redundant unit and/or an N 1 UPS configuration. All new battery lines, conduits, wiring, and plumbing associated with the project were installed, and new fire alarm/fire protection devices were provided. 

Project Dollar Value:
Prime Contractor/Subcontractor: